Services provided by Ashtech

    Setup Simply Accounting
    Import or insert previous data
    Train bookkeepers to use it
    Year end reports
    Tax files
    Online filing training

    Setup a new network
    Update existing network
    Help to choose the right PCs for your business
    Choose the right software for you
    Advise upgrades
    Train for web and e-mail security
    Study and suggest proper software
    Train using computers for any age

On-line Presence and communications:
    Hosting and domain name registration
    Web site design and maintenance
    Toll free numbers
    VOIP network and units
    Telephony and virtual numbers

Just starting a new business:
    Help in decision for registered business or corporation
    Do you really need partners?
    Licensing requirements
    Sales taxes, source deductions, corporation tax.
    Federal or Provincial registration
    Banking support
    How you can save on checks?
    How to deal with transport companies
    Find and test your drivers
    Support in choosing and verifying the vehicles
    Required licensing for Provincial, Federal or US.
    Paperwork for cross border cargo & bar codes.
    Renting or leasing the trucks?
    Fleet maintenance, inspections, etc.
    Customized forms for your company
    Insurance issues
    Fuel providers
Your business:
    Study your business
    Find weak points
    Offer improvements
    Help when you are stuck
    Find the right suppliers
    What to expect when you sell your business
    Support in buying a new business

Real estate:
    Need the first place or ready to expand?
    Relocation support.
    Evaluating your property.
    Property management
    Hydro-Quebec supply plan selection

    Setup your warehouse
    Organizing storage items
    Sourcing required equipment
    Help to setup your office
    Cables for phone and computer network
    Security cameras and recorders
    Phone system programming
    Remote control setup
    Local access control setup

    Equipment maintenance plan
    Service company search support
    Staff training